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Case examples supporting regulation

Sonographer regulation in Australia cannot be achieved without sufficient case examples.

The ASA is seeking case examples from Australian members where a patient has been negatively impacted by a sonographer performed ultrasound. This could include patient injury, missed or misdiagnosis, other avoidable incidents or poor conduct.

Australian Governments require the examples as part of the sufficient reasoning for sonographer regulation. It is our expectation, and part of our submission to the COAG National Health Council, that national regulation of sonographers will reduce the likelihood of such instances and support patients with consistent and transparent complaints handling.

We respect confidentiality and are seeking deidentified case examples. We will use the information in a way that ensures neither you nor the patient can be identified. For each example you have, please complete a separate account using a new form.

This short form is expected to take only 5–7 minutes to complete. It utilises drop down menus to capture key patient and incident details, and includes three open text questions that ask you to explain what happened, how it impacted the patient, and any resolution.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jodie Coulter, Policy Officer at the ASA by phone on +61 3 9552 0000 or email jodie.coulter@sonographers.org

Thank you for supporting this important work.

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