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Your insurance

Your insurance

ASA members have exclusive access to the association’s group policy. The policy features what sonographers need to help mitigate risk and protect their livelihood. Marsh have been appointed by Australasian Sonographers Association (ASA) as the Insurance Broker & Risk Advisor to Members, effective from 4pm (local standard time) on the 1st July 2023. 

With this appointment, please note the ASA Group Liabilities Insurance for Members will change Insurers from Guild Insurance to Berkley Insurance Australia (BIA).
The policy includes:

  • Professional Indemnity – Broad cover for financial loss caused in connection with your work as a sonographer up to $10 million for any one claim and $30 million in total for all professional indemnity claims
  • Public Liability – Cover for accidents that cause injury or property damage for $20 million
  • Product Liability – Protects you against liability for damages caused by goods sold or supplied by you in your role as a sonographer for $20 million
  • Scope of Practice Covered – Coverage for the following scope of practice: The provision of sonography, radiography, nursing and nuclear medicine technology services. Any activities or modalities that fall outside of your training or ASA guidelines may be considered to be protected, however this will be done in consultation with the ASA to determine if the activity/modality is suitable.

The insurance cost this year will be $313 AUD. Despite a rise in claims and therefore premiums, the ASA has been able to maintain a price for its members that is substantially cheaper than purchasing a policy on your own. For the cost of two cups of coffee a week, you can have total peace of mind. And remember, it’s all tax-deductible.

The ASA insurance policy covers individuals employed under an individual employment contract, or self-employed contractor, sole traders and/or Pty Ltd companies contracting their services providing the member is the only employee of the entity providing sonography services, with the entity having anticipated earnings of less than $300,000 per annum gross. If you are a director, owner, principal or operator of a practice with staff or contractors, you will not be eligible for this policy.

Coverage includes Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability insurance for sonography, radiography, nursing and nuclear medicine technology services.

This cover includes claims for compensation and any awards for legal costs and expenses made against you.

ASA members undertaking work on secondment overseas are covered, unless working in the United States or Canada (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).  Any claims made against you must be made either in Australian or New Zealand courts.  For members domiciled outside of Australia or New Zealand, you will not be eligible for this policy and you should consider insurance options in your country of residence.

Stay insured, even after you retire

For those of you who are lucky enough to be considering your next chapter in life, transitioning away from employment and enjoying the spoils of retirement, it’s important to consider what ongoing responsibilities you may have. For example, did you know that even after retirement, you may still be exposed to threats of potential allegations of negligence from former patients?

Because of the nature of work that you perform, allegations of wrongdoing can be made against you weeks, months and even years after a scan was performed. Particularly in cases where an obstetrics scan was performed, an allegation can be made years after the child is born.  

So, can you still be held liable even after you have retired and are no longer practicing?

In short, yes. This is why it’s so important to maintain your insurance protection post-employment. There is good news, however. For those ASA members who transition to the Retired category of ASA membership, you’ll be eligible for ongoing insurance (run-off cover) at no cost. 

Disclaimer: This is a summary of cover and other helpful information for ASA Members. For a full understanding of the extent of the insurance policy coverages, please refer to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.  

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